Almost Canyon Ranch
Amarillo, TX


I am now retired.
All alpacas have been sold 
and are listed and described below


Almost Canyon Rio - ARI 31466905 - $500 - True Black - Pet or Fiber Male - Gelding
Sire: Windrush Jennifer's Zindel - Light Fawn Dam: Windrush Shiimsa - True Black
Rio is easy to work with and polite. Once he trusts you, he will follow you anywhere. 
He has won blue ribbons in Youth Obstacle, Open Public Relations and Showmanship. 
He has also won ribbons in halter and fleece. Rio would make a great fiber male, pet or 
youth alpaca. He is very sweet, but respects your space. Rio is easy to keep and easy 
on the eyes. He is a handsome medium size male with plenty of lovely 
true black fleece for all those spinners looking for a well mannered fiber male.

His ARI cert shows a wealth of big name Peruvian and Bolivian genetics from the bloodlines
 of Dom Lucilio, Royal Fawn, Peruvian Emilio, Fabio, King Solomon and Bolivian from the 
well known Acero Marka's Champ. He is a bargain at $500

Rio is staying at Almost Canyon Ranch as a pet


Mountainview's Serenity Gold - ARI 30557703 - $500 - DOB 11/11/2006 - Light Fawn - Proven
Sire: Chase Tavern Lucas Gold - White    Dam: CPeruvian Jaine 1068 IMPF98 - Dark Fawn
Serenity is a full Peruvian east coast bred dam sporting top of the line genetics from
4Peruvian Altiplano Gold. She is
 very sweet and easy to handle.
She has had 2 crias - both female. She is a very good mother with no breeding,
 birthing or milk issues. An easy keeper, healthy, with good bone density and plenty of
capacity to carry babies. Serenity has won ribbons in halter on the east coast.


Windrush Shiimsa - ARI 30468146 - $500 - DOB: 10/1/2006 - True Black - Proven
Sire: Tobiano -  Dark Brown    Dam: AB Iyiyiy - Medium Brown 
Shiimsa is a wonderful mother who breeds and gives birth easily and has no milk issues.
All 3 of her crias have been true black. (Two were sired by a light fawn and one by a true black.)
She has had two females and one male cria - all healthy and handsome. An excellent production
dam, and an easy keeper. She is shy but once caught is easy to lead and handle. She loves to be
sprayed with the hose on a hot summer day.She has won ribbons in both halter and fleece.

Almost Canyon Chloe - ARI 32310337 - $500 - DOB: 07/20/2011 - True Black - Unproven
Sire: Alpaca Knights Challenger's Champ - True Black    Dam: Windrush Shiimsa - True Black
Chloe is s striking true black yearling with a splash of white fibers on one leg. Chloe comes from
a long and distinguished line of gray and black genetics from Peru and Bolivia. She is a
non-fading true black with bold crimp and well defined staples to her fleece. I'll bet that
when this girl comes of age, she will be putting stylish black and grayoffspring on the ground.
 A little shy but handles well. She is a healthy young dam with no known breeding,
health or milk issues from either side. She should mature to be medium sized.

HCA Misty Pearl - ARI 842286- $500 - DOB: 7/8/2002 - White - Proven. 
Sire: DLA Peruvian Roberto - White    Dam: PPeruvian Ignacia - White
Misty is a Canadian dam from top bloodlines including Vengador and P3 White Lightning.
So many possibilities for breeding choices with this dam. She is a very easy keeper.
Breeds easily and has no birthing or milk problems. Misty is the kind of dam you want to
use your best breedings on because you know she is going to produce your next champion.
She consistently produces cria with incredible fleece. Fine, dense, bright and full of character.



Le Grace De Arte - ARI 828363 - $500 -  DOB: 10/18/2000 - Dark Silver Gray - Proven
Attention all hand spinners!!! Grace is from Peruvian and Chilean bloodlines. She has the
 most unusual coloring. Her fleece looks like a dark brown until you part it. Then you find that
 she is a beautiful Dark Silver Gray! Can you imagine how beautiful the yarn from her fleece
would be? Her handsome son Jakaila's Sterling By Deacon is also tipping out red. What a
 great fleece characteristic to pass on for those breeders looking for something different.
Grace is an easy keeper. No problems with breeding, birthing or milk production.


 shown with 2010 cria
LNF Ebony Star by Jewel - ARI 31051125 - $500 -  DOB: 7/9/2007 - Bay Black - Unproven
Sire: Powerplay's Shadow - Bay Black    Dam Ebony Jewel - True Black 
Ebony is a nice square girl with good conformation and a very sweet face. She is a
good mom, providing them with plenty of milk. Needs a few extra groceries when feeding
a big hungry cria. Easy to breed and no birthing problems.She is East Coast bred and
comes from Peruvian, Bolivian and Chilean bloodlines packed with true black ancestors.


LNF Mocha River - ARI 31316699 - $500 - DOB 6/16/2010 - Medium Brown - Unproven
Sire: Zephyrus' Silverstar - Light Silver Gray    Dam LNF Ebony Star by Jewel - Bay Black
Mocha is an East Coast bred daughter of Zephyrus' Silverstar. Her background has
 the high quality genetics of Royal Fawn, Peruvian Powerplay, Timoteo and Acero
 Marka Bolivian bloodlines. She has a little gray in her face. Could make for some
interesting breeding options. She is very shy and leads very slowly with coaxing.
When haltered, she loves to have her neck scratched. She is a maiden, ready to breed.


Jakaila's Jinger By Deacon - ARI 31667565 - $500 - DOB 6/20/2010 - Medium Brown - Unproven
Sire: Mile High Deacon Grey - Light Silver Gray    Dam: Le Grace De Arte - Dark Silver Gray
Here is your chance to have a Mile High Deacon Grey daughter at a great price!
Jinger's sire, Mile High Deacon Grey is a 9X Color Champion, 5X Reserve Color Champion
with 22 blue ribbons for halter and fleece to his credit. Jinger is a slight built pretty girl. with
 beautiful medium brown fleece and teddy bear ears. She is now of breeding age and is a maiden.
Can you imagine the genetic jackpot you can tap into if you breed this girl to a gray?


Precious Farms Gizmo - ARI 1145939 - $1,000 - DOB 10/15/2003 - Beige - Proven

Sire: Peruvian Accoyos Apollo of Starhill - White    Dam: Fantasy's Precious - Medium Brown
Gizmo is a Yapanqui grand-daughter. She is a lovely light beige female with solid conformation
and dense fine fleece with a high-frequency crimp and the most beautiful big eyes of any
alpaca in my herd. She has produced 3 beautiful blue-ribbon crias that are absolutely
stunning breeding stock with very dense, crimpy, soft and super fine fleece, perfectly
balanced conformation and all-around "typy" good looks. Two of the blue ribbon 
offspring were sired by Altair's Vito and are full siblings to Gizmo's 2012 cria "Sweet Potato Pie".
Gizmo is a very reliable, good mom with plenty of milk. Typically gives birth to her cria so 
quickly that you miss the birth even if you are checking on her often. She puts all her calories
into producing milk for her beautiful babies, so we give her some extra groceries while she's nursing.


Windrush Annochia - ARI 31141895-$3,000 - DOB 6/2/2008 - White - Proven
Sire: Windrush Jennifer's Zindel - White    Dam - Windrush Anya - White
Peruvian bloodlines from Royal Fawn, Peruvian Fabio, Snowmass Peruvian Escobar, and
6Peruvian Accoyo Godfather define Annochia's elite full Peruvian background. What a great addition
for any herd. he is a proven dam, is easy to handle and is an easy keeper. A very good mother with
no breeding or birthing issues. Annochia provides lots of milk for her offspring. 

Annochia has a dense blanket with high frequency micro-crimped fleece. Our west Texas sand and high winds
 don't do our fleeces any favors, but you can still see the quality in her fleece.
 Her 2011 cria's fleece is a wonderful example of what Annochia's offspring will be like.
 Silky soft hand, bright with beautiful architecture,

Altiplano's Sienna - ARI 30662681 - $3,000 - DOB 5/11/2007 - Medium Fawn - Proven
Sire: Altair's Vito - Dark Fawn    Dam: Fabulicious - Dark Fawn
 Sienna is an Altair's Vito daughter, and what an amazing medium fawn female she is! She took a blue ribbon at her

 first show at TxOlan, a highly competitive, national show, and a 3rd place at GWAS, a huge national show in a
 large class. She is a beautiful big girl with highly prized bloodlines - Altair Vito, Snowmass Drambuie,
Colorado Mescal, Sue's First Lady and Peruvian Aladdin. Sienna has very dense, fine, high frequency crimp with
 a lot of brightness. She is easy to handle and is an attentive mother with no breeding, birthing or milk issues


Almost Canyon Blanca - ARI 32057928 - $3,000 - DOB 7/23/2011 - White - Unproven
Sire: Travesura's Altiplano Treasure - White    Dam: Windrush Anya - White
Blanca is a beautiful daughter of Windrush Anya, sired by Travesura's Altiplano Treasure, which means
that her ARI is PACKED with top of the line Peruvian bloodlines. Caligula, Bueno, Hemingway,
Snowmass Peruvian Escobar, Victor, Godfather! WOW! What an elite family line!

Blanca is a lovely maiden with a sweet personality and easy to handle. She has a silver dollar size fawn spot on her
 side, but otherwise is white with no other colored fibers. Good chance she will throw color when bred to color. Her conformation is solid. Both dam and sire come from reliable breeding backgrounds - no milk or reproductive problems
 on either side. This is an excellent opportunity to add a solid, top quality foundation dam to your breeding program


Almost Canyon Munchkin - ARI 32310351 - $2,000 - DOB 9/26/2011 - Beige - Unproven
Sire: Altair's Vito - Dark Fawn    Dam: Silken Serenity - Medium Brown
Munchkin is a small adorable beige maiden female. She is sweet and inquisitive.
For such a little girl, she is packing some BIG genetics. Peruvian Aladdin, PPeruvian Demetrio G4553,
Snowmass Casanova's Constellation and Acero Marka's Champ. Good chance this girl will produce both
 light and color when bred. If you are looking for a nice small female, take a closer look at Munchkin.


West Texas Breezy - ARI 32310283 - $2,000 - DOB 6/7/2012 - Beige - Unproven
Sire: Snowmass Gold Crest - Medium Fawn   Dam: Mountainview's Serenity Gold - Light Fawn
Breezy is a beautiful full Peruvian young female. Her ARI is loaded with top line genetics such as
Snowmass Legacy Gold, 4Peruvian Legacy, 4Peruvian Altiplano Gold and PPPeruvian Lucia.
She has lovely fine, well defined bundles. She would be a wonderful addition to your herd.

HCA Pamela Pearl
- ARI 31640794 - $4,000 - DOB 5/13/2010 - White - Unproven
Sire: Alberta Rose's Chakuta - Light Fawn    Dam: HCA Misty Pearl - White
Wow! Pamela is a beautiful full Peruvian girl from Canada which opens a lot of doors for breeding opportunities.
 Her ARI cert lists an impressive collection of elite Peruvian bloodlines including Vengador, Victor's Vaccoyo,
 Victor, Camilio, and Hemingway. She is easy to handle and an easy keeper. She has a lovely, medium
frequency crimp fleece with good architecture, hand and well defined staples. Good staple length
 along with good density.  Lovely brightness, too. Solid conformation with plenty of capacity for carrying a cria.
 Pamela is a healthy girl and comes from excellent and dependable breeding stock. Any breeder serious about adding
 quality Peruvian genetics needs to take a closer look at this dam. Offered at the GREAT price of $4,000/OBO


Silken Serenity ARI 30468146 - $2,500 - DOB: 5/30/2008 - Medium Brown - Proven
Sire: Tobiano - Dark Brown    Dam: Alpeniglow's Sandia Snow - White
Silken Serenity has a beautiful shade of medium brown (almost maroon) fleece with a wonderful handle to it.
She is a healthy dam and an easy keeper. Lots of milk for her cria. She is protective of her cria when by her side,
but otherwise is an easy going girl who likes to have her neck scratched during feeding. Her dam Sandia Snow
 is from the Snowmass Peruvian Casanova line, while her sire is bolivian lines including Acero Marka's Champ.
She has won ribbons in both halter and fleece.

Yellow Star's Bliss 1 - ARI 30539341 - $2,500 -  DOB: 6/13/2008 - Medium Fawn - Proven.
Sire: RGA Crawford - Dark Fawn    Dam: Okanagan's Mercedes II E - Dark Brown
Bliss is a Canadian-born dam with Jolimont bloodlines. 
   She is a fading fawn. She is well mannered.
No problems with breeding, birthing or milk production. Needs a few extra groceries when feeding a big cria
 and during pregnancy. Her fleece has won ribbons and has been spun into fabulous yarn.

  shown with 2011 cria

Windrush Anya - ARI 1186161 - $4,500 - DOB 10/1/2005 - White - Proven
Sire: Spanish Peaks Alpha Centauri - White    Dam: 7042 Peruvian Bjorn - White
Anya's ARI cert is stacked with line after line of powerhouse Peruvian genetics - Hemingway, Victor, Accoyo Godfather, Snowmass Peruvian Escobar - and the list goes on and on! Anya's grandmother Snowmass Victorian Glow had another grandson in the 2011 Snowmass sale and was still putting amazing babies on the ground at age 13! Her sire Alpha
 Centauri passed on his exceptionally bright and fine fleece with unbelievable hand to Anya. She is easy to handle and
has no breeding or birthing problems. Both her babies were big, robust crias - both 23 pounds at birth and she delivered
 them with no problems and with no help! Anya is a great mom, producing lots of milk for her cria. (We give her some
 extra food when she is nursing these big babies.) She loves to have her neck scratched and drink out of the
sprinkler hose. Be sure to check out her "drinking fountain" antics on the "about alpacas" page at the very bottom!!

alpaca for sale

Sweet Potato Pie  ARI# 32387568 - $1500 -  D.O.B. 6/14/2012 - Medium Brown - Unproven
Sire: Altair's Vito - Dark Fawn - Dam: Precious Farms Gizmo - Beige
Tater is a real gem. Not only does she have awesome genetics, solid conformation and beautiful fleece but a personality
 to boot. All of her siblings have been blue ribbon winners. She will be shown in December of 2013 to keep the winning
 streak going. Her bloodlines include Altair's Vito, Peruvian Aladdin, PPeruvian Demetrio, and PPPeruvian Yupanqui.
Her fleece is fine with good density, beautiful character and color. She is very sweet and loves attention. She has white markings on her face but no white in her beautiful medium brown blanket. Plus she has those adorable teddy bear ears.

alpaca for sale

West Texas Jo Jo - ARI 32387551 - $1500 - DOB 9/8/2012 - True Black - Unproven
Sire: Travesura's Altiplano Treasure - White   Dam: Altiplano's Sienna - Dark Fawn
Jo Jo carries amazing genetics from both her sire and dam. Both parents have been successful
in the show ring including Color Champion for Treasure. You can see his bio under "Herd Sires".
Some of her bloodlines include 4Peruvian Altiplano Gold, Altair's Vito, Peruvian Presidio and Peruvian Drambuie.
The vast variety of color in her background gives you a rainbow of possibilities.

WTR Gold Guliette - ARI 31819633 - $1,000 - DOB 7/28/2009 - Medium Brown/White - Unproven
Sire: Gold Jubilee - Beige/White    Dam: S. Ginsana - Medium Fawn/White
Guliette is my only suri. She is a maiden as I bought her just for the purpose of showing the difference
between haucaya and suri alpacas during farm visits. She is a lovely multi colored girl and is easy to handle.
She has been show once and received a blue ribbon. The judge commented that she would produce nice cria,
 but I have never bred her. She would make a good dam or would make a great 4-H project or PR alpaca.

Windrush Rian - ARI 30466111 - $500 - White - Pet or Fiber Gelding
Sire: Prince Regent - White Dam:
Rian (which is gaelic for Little Prince) is a nice fiber male for those folks looking for an addition
to their fiber herd. He is an easy keeper and a good healthy male. He is well behaved and easy to handle.
A good candidate for a companion for your males of any age.

Perfect Opportunity - ARI 833844 - $500 - White - Pet or Companion Gelding

Opie is a sweet natured gelding, the perfect companion animal or "uncle" for your
weanling boys. Great public relations alpaca.

Snowmass Goldcrest - ARI 830211 - $2,000 - DOB 7/31/01 - Medium Fawn - Proven
Sire: Snowmass Legacy Gold - Medium Fawn    Dam: Fancy Nancy - Medium Brown
212 Histogram: AFD 22.0, SD 4.9, CV 22.4, CF 93.1 at 11 years old!!
2003 histogram AFD 17.3, SD 4.0, CV 22.9
From the Snowmass breeding program, Gold Crest is the proven medium fawn son of Snowmass Legacy Gold,
with the bloodlines of the one and only 4Peruvian Cahuide in his background. This macho, handsome male
 is a proven, experienced breeder. Easy to handle and easy to breed. Gold Crest has solid conformation with
 a good bite and is a very easy keeper. His fleece is a beautiful golden honey color with well defined staples,
 medium frequency crimp and good density. 

He has a Championship banner for halter and a Reserve Color Championship banner for fleece. He passes all
 his best qualities on to his vigorous offspring. You can see an example of his offspring in the photo of
Mountainview's Serenity Gold shown with her Snowmass Goldcrest daughter, West Texas Breezy listed above.


Zanzibar's Zane - ARI 31846301 - $1,500 - DOB 6/23/2008 - Dark Brown - Proven
Sire: Los Prados Amante - Dark Fawn    Dam: Los Prados Zanzibar - Bay Black
Zane is a proven stud from Peruvian and Snowmass bloodlines. Just look at his pedigree!
Snowmass De Beers, PPPeruvian, Guellermo, Hemingway, PPeruvan Leon, PPPeruvian Royal Fawn! Wow!

Zane is a herdsire with solid conformation and a strikingly handsome head. He is easy to handle and breeds easily.
He had a shoulder injury which causes a minor limp, but does not interfere with his daily life or breeding capabilities.
 What a great deal for this boy. Small farms take note! What an inexpensive way to get top dollar genetics into your
To see the quality of his offspring, take a look at his son, Zebedee Doo Dah listed below. 

Jakaila's Sterling By Deacon - ARI 31637541 - $750 - Medium Silver Gray - Unproven
Sire: Mile High Deacon Grey - Medium Silver Gray    Dam: Le Grace De Arte - Dark Silver Gray
2012 Fleece numbers! AFD 16.9, SD 4.6, CV 27.4, CF 97.9
Sterling is a medium size unproven male packing some big time genetics. His sire is Mile High Deacon Grey,
the 9X Color Champion, 5X Reserve Color Champion with 22 blue ribbons for both halter and fleece to his credit.
He has The Reverend Mister Black, Peruvian Bueno, and Caligula bloodlines. His dam adds Peruvian Monzon
with a blend of other genetics, and consistently puts grays on the ground. Together they give Sterling
a solid background for producing gray offspring.

Sterling is a well mannered young male, easy to work with and polite. His beautiful gray fleece is very fine
with a wonderful hand to it. He has started to tip out red, so he may very well end up rose gray like his dam.
His fleece has done well in the limited number of shows it has been entered in. At the 2011 Estes Park Fleece Show
he won a Reserve Color Championship. Judge Diana Timmerman gave him an 18.5 out of 20 for fineness
and handle, making the comment "Very soft fleece with beautiful brightness! Very fine, too!"
He has won several blue ribbons on his fleece plus a Best Hand ribbon.

Almost Canyon Dust Devil - ARI 31208604 - $500 - DOB 7/9/2011 -  Light Fawn - Unproven
Sire: High Plains Hozey - Medium Brown    Dam: Yellow Star's Bliss 1 - Medium Fawn
Dusty is one special boy. He has Canadian genetics on both sides of his bloodlines, including Super Sam and
 Jolimont lines. I plan to show him in December. When this boy grows up he's going to make someone a fabulous
 herdsire! You can see a picture of his luxurious fleece on my website along with his ARI Cert.

Almost Canyon Sandstorm - ARI 32310344 - $500 - DOB 8/24/2011 -  Beige - Unproven
Sire: Elm Creek Klondike Gold - Light Fawn/White   Dam Beso - Light Fawn
Sandy has a stacked ARI Cert from the bloodlines of Chase Tavern Lucas Gold, Peruvian Snowmaster,
PPPeruvian Auzengate and Acero Marka's Chocolate Kiss. He has lovely fleece as
you can see on the Openherd website under his mother Beso's entry. 

Almost Canyon's True Treasure - ARI 32310375 - $500 - DOB 10/12/2011 - White - Unproven
Sire: Travesura's Altiplano Treasure - White    Dam: HCA Misty Pearl - White
True could be your next champion. What a special boy. He is a promising junior herdsire ready to follow in his
Multi-Champion sire's footsteps. Check out his fleece photos on my Openherd website under his mother
 HCA Misty Pearl's entry. True's half brother recently won 3 blue ribbons for fleece and halter
 and a fleece Color Championship at the 2012 International Alpaca Odyssey. 
True will be a nice addition to your show string until he is ready to take his place on stud row.

West Texas Scorcher - ARI 32387544 - $500 - DOB 9/7/2011 - White - Unproven
Sire: Altair's Vito - Medium Fawn    Dam: Windrush Zindel's Annochia - White
Scorcher has bright white fleece with beautiful architecture and a silky soft hand. He has fabulous
 bloodlines on both sides. His Sire Altair's Vito is from the lines of Peruvian Aladdin and PPeruvian Demetrio.
 And from his dam's side, Dom Lucilio, PPPeruvian Royal Fawn, Snowmass Peruvian Escobar, Hemingway,
Victor and the list goes on and on. Scorcher could take his place in your show string until you are
 ready to add him as a herdsire. His fleece is exhibiting all the right attributes savvy breeders look for.

Zebedee Doo Dah - ARI 32387520 - $500 - DOB 4/14/2012 - Medium Fawn - Unproven
Sire Zanzibar's Zane - Dark Brown    Dam: LNF Ebony Star By Jewel - Bay Black
Zeb has a jam packed ARI Cert including Peruvian Snowmaster, Peruvian Hemingway, PPeruvian Guellermo,
 PPPeruvian Royal Fawn, Acero Marka's Raven and PPeruvian Timoteo. He has a strikingly handsome head like his
sireand solid conformation. His fleece is is a rich medium fawn with good architecture, well defined staples and a fine,
soft hand. He would make a fine addition to your show string while he is maturing into a candidate for your future herdsire.

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